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my weekend with mel

Posted in Bio by dwins on May 13, 2008

This weekend my friend Mel had a bit of a birthday shindig so I went down to Boston to congratulate her and hang out with cool people she knows and such.  It was pretty great; I had originally intended to just stay Saturday and take a late bus back to New York but I ended up sticking around most of Sunday as well to let Mel show me around her corner of Boston.  Some neat stuff that happened:

  • i was re-introduced to the musical stylings of Jonathan Coulton
  • much delicious food and drink, including this noodle shop with ludicrously huge portions.  Mel got a bowl of miso soup with half a stick of butter on top, and it didn’t look like too much (butter; of course it was too much food.)
  • hanging out at this neat vegetarian pizza place while the band was doing their sound check.  They had a cellist using a shoulder strap! totally sweet.
  • visiting a selective living house at MIT where actual photos for the XKCD online store were taken.

Tack on tons of geek banter and the general “hey wouldn’t this be neat?” attitude of Mel’s crew and you’ve got something pretty awesome.  Happy birthday Mel!


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