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Posted in Development by dwins on October 16, 2008

I’m trying something new this week: working on a slew of new features for GeoServer in a branch of my own.  It’s kind of nice to have my own sandbox, although when I finish with the new stuff I’ll be making a pretty substantial patch to the main GeoServer branch, meaning it will probably require a vote at the weekly GeoServer meeting.  Still, I’ll be able to keep my stuff separated and versioned while waiting on the 1.7.0 release, and I think the new features will be pretty exciting at the end.

What am I working on? A few things are on my plate right now:

  • Make human-attended configuration for regionating a performance tweak rather than a necessity for regionating to work at all
  • Experiment with some alternative ways of expressing the tree (basically, fake the inclusion of all features by drawing the first few in vector form, and including a raster background with the rest)
  • Allow users to set custom templates for the KML popups on a higher level than individual layers.

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If you want to help me out, you can check out the work in progress and let me know if you see anything broken in Google Earth (aesthetic opinions welcome as well!)  Just visit http://publicus.opengeo.org/dwins_kml/mapPreview.do and click on any of the KML links, then browse around.  (You’ll need Google Earth, of course; you can grab the installer from http://earth.google.com/) There will probably be another update here with more info about checking the different alternatives once I get the different visualization modes working, so stay tuned.



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