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Happy 2009

Posted in Development,Ideas by dwins on January 5, 2009

Hey, looks like another new year is upon us (I know I missed it by a few days, but give me a break as I’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks and my brain is still kicking back into gear.) I don’t usually put too much stock in coming up with resolutions for the new year, but this time around I think I’ll make an exception.  My resolution: complain more, but only complain to the right people.

Recently at work I’ve noticed I’m developing a bad habit of, when I have a problem with the way things are being done, complaining to everyone except the person responsible, whether because I think it’s too minor an issue to debate or the culprit is not online/around when I run into trouble or I feel like decisions have been made over my head or whatever.  While out of the office the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking that over, and I see two big problems with that approach:

  • complaining about things to others fosters a predisposition for them to find flaws with their own work, and establishes a precedent that makes following suit seem more acceptable
  • not complaining to those responsible means that things won’t get fixed.  Note here that ‘fixed’ might not mean changing what’s done, it could just be giving me that extra bit of perspective that helps me understand why things are being done that way.

These two things feel like a pretty lame combo for a team, so hopefully phasing them out will be a big win.

As long as I’m doing the resolution thing, I think I will also try to post more regularly on this blog.


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  1. Seb said,

    Only good can come of this resolution.

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