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Meme in Scala

Posted in Uncategorized by dwins on November 18, 2009

Sebastian over at Digifesto recently alerted me to a budding meme being pushed by Eric Florenzano.  The original proposal (from here) goes like this:


  1. Implement a program that takes in a user’s name and their age, and prints hello to them once for every year that they have been alive.
  2. Post these rules, the source code for your solution, and the following list (with you included) on your blog.
  3. Bonus points if you implement it in a language not yet seen on the following list!

The List:

  1. [Python] http://www.eflorenzano.com/blog/post/trying-start-programming-meme
  2. [Bash] http://aartemenko.com/texts/bash-meme/
  3. [C] http://dakrauth.com/media/site/text/hello.c
  4. [Java] http://adoleo.com/blog/2008/nov/25/programming-meme/
  5. [Python 3] http://mikewatkins.ca/2008/11/25/hello-meme/
  6. [Ruby] http://stroky.l.googlepages.com/gem
  7. [Ruby] http://im.camronflanders.com/archive/meme/
  8. [Lisp] http://justinlilly.com/blog/2008/nov/25/back-on-the-horse/
  9. [Lua] http://aartemenko.com/texts/lua-hello-meme/
  10. [Functional Python] http://aartemenko.com/texts/python-functional-hello-meme/
  11. [Erlang] http://surfacedepth.blogspot.com/2008/11/erics-programming-meme-in-erlang.html
  12. [Haskell] http://jasonwalsh.us/meme.html
  13. [PHP] http://fitzgeraldsteele.wordpress.com/2008/11/25/memeing-in-php-2/
  14. [Javascript] http://www.taylanpince.com/blog/posts/responding-to-a-programming-meme/
  15. [Single-File Django] http://www.pocketuniverse.ca/archive/2008/november/27/florenzano-factor/

For my entry, I put together a script in Scala.

import scala.Console._

var name = readLine("What is your name? ")
var age  = readLine("How many years old are you? ").toInt
(1 to age).foreach { age => println("%2d) Hello, %s".format(age, name)) }

To run, copy the code into a text file named hello.scala and then run: scala hello.scala You can get the scala interpreter from the Scala website, or your distribution’s package manager.


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  1. […] the sort of porting exercise Bill Kerr gave his students or the try-a-different-language meme that Dwins and Seb have taken up (in Scala and Prolog, respectively). I could also run through interesting […]

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