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Smelter – A tool for JavaScript framework development

Posted in Ideas,Open Source Software by dwins on February 28, 2010
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For much of the JavaScript work we do at OpenGeo, we use jsbuild (from jstools) to concatenate and minify JavaScript sources in the fairly sizable JavaScript libraries we use.  A useful feature that jstools provides is inspecting dependency annotations in the JavaScript to make sure all the scripts are concatenated in the correct order.  This is nice and automatic and everything, but minified JavaScript is not much fun to look at in Firebug.  So, we end up writing “loader” scripts to allow us to use the “raw” sources directly while testing.  The loader scripts are pretty simple; they just add some <script> tags while the page is loading to reference the non-minified sources directly.  A problem with this approach, however, is that the loader script then must enumerate, in order, the raw sources.  Much of the benefit of jsbuild’s dependency analysis is lost if we must also manually maintain a one-dimensional listing of the scripts! For example, look at GeoExt’s loader script in comparison with its build configuration.

In order to address this, I’ve been working on a JS build tool of my own, called Smelter.  Smelter reads jstools build files and dependency information and concatenates and minifies similarly, but it also provides an embedded web server that creates loader scripts based on that same dependencie information.  It also allows switching between minified and loader scripts without modifying the HTML pages that reference them.  Aside from saving developers a bit of duplicated work, this also ensures that the non-minified scripts load in the same order they are included in the minified build, for fewer surprises when switching over to the minified build.

I’ll definitely be dog-fooding this for the JavaScript used in GeoNode, and I’d love feedback from anyone else using it.