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Dwins, sometimes called David Winslow when the name field allows enough characters, is a software developer currently employed by The Open Planning Project‘s geospatial division, OpenGeo. He likes solving problems (not puzzles), sharing knowledge, and caffeine. Occasionally he leaves his terminal window to investigate, foreign languages, and other perplexing fuzzy things.


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  1. Zeferino said,

    Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing the great work you are doing with the rest of the community.
    I was searching a way of creating a popup window containing a chart. I found that you have been involved in improving the popup window from GeoExt (http://docs.opengeo.org/geospiel/). I need your help in explaining how can i put for example a chart from Ext.chart into a GeoExt.Popup.

    Thank you in advance


    • dwins said,

      Hi Zeferino,

      This blog is not the best place to ask about GeoExt, as I am the only person who looks at the comments. We have public mailing lists and a chat room to get in touch with the whole GeoExt team: see http://geoext.org/developer/index.html .

      That said, GeoExt popups are just another Ext component (they actually subclass Window) so you should be able to add whatever components you like to them as you would in any other Ext application. If this is not working for you, please send a mail to the users list explaining what you’re doing and what’s going wrong, with a representative code sample if possible.

      Thanks for the interest in GeoExt!

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